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Each year companies from all across the nation compete for the honor in making the coveted Inc. 500 list. “The Inc. 500 is a list of the country’s 500 fastest-growing private businesses. The list was started [in order] to honor and recognize those innovative companies, and the leaders behind them, who have achieved a remarkable amount of growth and success,” according to editorial Inc 500 director Kasey Wehrum.

“The 2010 Inc. 500 is ranked according to the percentage revenue growth comparing the years 2006 to 2009. In order to qualify, companies must be independent, U.S.-based, privately held, and for-profit,” says Wehrum. And given the economic downturn the country has been facing over the past couple of years, company executives can take even more pride in earning a ranking on the list.

“I think it is fair to say that it will be companies like the ones represented on the Inc. 500 that will eventually lead the country out of this recession and back to prosperity. They join an elite group of former Inc. 500 companies that have gone on to achieve notable success, including: Microsoft, Oracle, Timberland, Domino’s Pizza, Under Armour, Cold Stone Creamery, and Zappos to name a few.

Making the Inc. 500 list this year is a tremendous accomplishment…While most companies are simply struggling to stay afloat, the companies on this year’s list have found a way not only to survive, but actually thrive in a tremendously difficult economic climate. Inc. 500 honorees have every reason to be proud of their accomplishments,” says Wehrum.

One company taking humble pride in such an achievement and ranking at number 360 on the list, not to mention being the 15th fastest growing retailer, is the internet based flooring company South Cypress, whose CEO prides their achievement on the goal of customer satisfaction. “Education, accurate and quick information, courteousness, and fair dealings” are the words that come to mind when developing customer guidelines for employees according to South Cypress CEO Drew Goneke.

However, Goneke didn’t just start out with a good idea, but surrounded himself with individuals to help implement and achieve that idea. “This is no reference to other companies, but we hire great people. I’m very proud to be associated with everyone in our company. It’s a small, tight group and the character of the individual is tremendous,” says Goneke.

When Goneke first met his future internet branch manager Matt Dyar back in 2005 at a wedding, something clicked. “When Goneke and I first met the stars aligned. He wanted to expand his family flooring business (which is still based in Mobile, AL) and I had always dreamed of having an online based company. He was on a mission to take their third generation flooring company into a new online sales channel. After we collaborated a little bit, we decided to combine efforts and thus our venture began. Quickly we both realized that the online flooring industry was virtually untapped and there was a lot of room for growth and expansion,” says Dyar.

South Cypress is a company developed not only to be a competitive option in the flooring market, but an inspirational leader in budding new innovative techniques unparalleled by any other. “The biggest challenge with selling flooring online has been finding our niche in this industry. There are so many opportunities for innovation and growth within this industry that it has been both fun and challenging to develop a business that can quickly adapt to economic and industry fluctuations,” says Dyar.

With Goneke growing up in the flooring business, he not only has an appreciation for a quality product, but a quality sale. “The dollar amount consumers are spending is pretty high so the first challenge is to create trust. The umbrella of trust covers an even bigger spectrum for an online company. It’s a slippery slope because it can take ten positive things to gain someone’s confidence, but it may only require a single word or policy seen in the wrong light to lose in the end,” says Goneke.

Getting to know their customers, their customers’ needs, and of course customer budgets are what set them apart from the one-click checkout sites consumers have grown so accustomed to over the past decade. At South Cypress you are getting an in store experience with an online advantage. You can order anywhere at anytime of the day without sacrificing your right for quality service.

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