“Contemporary or current? Sleek or chic? Dashing or dapper?”

In today’s design world there are almost as many design themes as there are colors in a spectrum chart. With such a multitude of options why should one be forced to choose between their desires for ideally smooth symmetry and their frolicking fancies for fused pigmentations ingrained within every grout line? The answer is simple, one shouldn’t. And this equilibrium is made possible for consumers with Ragno’s Boardwalk line.

“The undulating waves within the Ragno Boardwalk tile are similar to that of Rainbow Sandstone and the movement or swirl is continuous throughout the tile, as if it were cut out of the earth. It is a terrific blend of modern and classic décor. There is much diversity in the Boardwalk line depending on the color one uses. The Gray, or GR color, would be terrific for areas near the beach. The coastal grays and light browns would be terrific for that open, relaxed environment.

The MC would work very well in a room accented by windows or a covered patio which would showcase the slight glistening affect intertwined within each piece. The colors bring out earth tones very well and an art room would be another ideal canvas. Since the BG is versatile, because of its neutral colors, it would work well on an exterior deck to ad a pop of modern flare.

Product Details

  • Glazed Porcelain Composition
  • Frost Resistant
  • Random Shade Variation
  • Medium Commercial Rating
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Boardwalk’s diversity can be used in whatever scale desired, as the BG is more consistent and one could use a single size for a more conservative look or the MC could have multiple sizes including mosaic running through the design to create a statement. It’s a unique look and the price point is very reasonable,” says a Ragno representative.

So for every room there is a possibility for an idea. For every idea there is a need to be met. For every need there is a tile to fill it. So whether your desired dream is for buoyant browns, one of luscious grays, or a mix between the two there is a flawless fit to be found in the Boardwalk line.

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