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“Contemporary or current? Sleek or chic? Dashing or dapper?” Ragno Boardwalk GR Tile In today’s design world there are almost as many design themes as there are colors in a spectrum chart. With such a multitude of options why should one be forced to choose between their desires for ideally smooth symmetry and their frolicking ... Read More

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“The Teakwood glazed porcelain stoneware collection projects its identity with boldly vivacious energy through brilliant color tones and intriguing plays of texture inspired by the marble it is named after.” Dolce Vita Teakwood Jade Tile It’s delightful. It’s captivating. It takes an exorbitant mood of brood and turns it into one of simple sumptuousness. Its ... Read More

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All is Vanity

“Vanity conveys a definitively contemporary mindset. Stunning slashes of natural stone colors interplay with hints of metallic veining that capture the light, draw the eye, create dramatic backdrops for today’s ever-evolving urban experience.” Marazzi Vanity Black Tile Crisp edging, clean lines, and some of the choicest components have gone into manufacturing of Marazzi’s Vanity line. ... Read More

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Just imagine yourself on the Pacific beach in the picturesque region of Sinaloa, Mexico watching a stunning sunset illuminate the sky in shades of reds and tones of orange. Creating a stupendously superb spectacle. While this might better serve as an afternoon daydream for most, designers at Marazzi have created a much more cost effective way for you to enjoy a Mexican sundown in your very own home... Read More

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Dignified, divine, and durable are three words that greatly outweigh those along the lines of pragmatic, plain, and practical. Especially when applied to the flooring choice one chooses for his or her home. When walking in the door would you rather your guests be greeted with a scene of astonishing ambiance or one of appropriately sized tile that is applicable and typical for most foyers. Of course most would find the latter to be lacking. Homeowners want to not only ooh and ahh their guests, but overwhelm them and what better way to accomplish than with innovation... Read More

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